Zoo Hlub Beauty Care

logo redesign + package design + typography

Zoo Hlub Beauty care is a Hmong Owned beauty cosmetic line. Owned by the beautiful Zoo Hlub (Yer) Yang. She is a multi-talented individual who is not only the OWNER of Zoo Hlub Beauty Care but also a Director, Story Teller, Producer, Artist and Influencer. Bringing great accomplishments to the Hmong Community and an inspiration to all Hmong Women. 

Design Decision

In the Hmong Community, design work is rather a fresh idea. A lot of Hmong Owned business always almost incorporate a Hmong motif into their logo, or their packaging. You can't blame them for wanting to showcase their culture in their products. Although great, Hmong motifs are often OVERUSED and MISUSED. 

This new logo design is fresh, elegant and classic. A new logo is like rebirth. This is only the beginning of something great!